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Is hands-free really risk-free?

Distracted driving represents the number one cause of fatal car crashes in America. And talking or texting on your cellphone while you drive represents the number one distracted driving cause. Unfortunately, the National Safety Council reports that at any given time, 7% of all drivers are in fact using their cellphones. If you are one of those drivers, you may think you are safe because you believe the myth that hands-free cellphone usage equates to risk-free driving and you never actually hold your phone while talking or texting. This belief could get you seriously injured or even result in your death.

How long can truckers be on the road?

Commerce in Texas is based, in part, on businesses being able to transport their goods to other locations, whether they are going across the state or across the country. Semi-truck drivers are responsible for much of this transportation, but there are special rules they must follow in order to increase the chances that they will avoid causing truck accidents.

Federal law prohibits truckers from texting and driving

It is common for truck accidents victims to sustain serious injuries or even lose their lives. Like in cases of car accidents, a major reason behind truck accidents is distracted driving, and in today's age, the cell phone is the most common distraction while driving. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration understand the consequences of cell phone distractions and have been implemented rules pertaining to truckers and their use of cell phones.

What to do when a truck accident occurs

It probably goes without saying that a motor vehicle accident can wreak havoc in the lives of the victims and their loved ones. In fact, the damages can be far worse if the victim was struck by a large truck. Usually, the sheer size of the truck is enough to inflict serious damage to the victim and their vehicle. It is due to this fact that claims related to truck accidents are often more complicated.

Don't discount your emotional trauma after an accident

There may be no words to describe the shock and horror you felt when a tractor-trailer veered into your lane and collided with your vehicle. You may awaken at night, still hearing the sounds of the crash, seeing your world spinning around and feeling the pain of your injuries. Perhaps you watched a loved one die in the accident.

How common is substance abuse in the trucking industry?

Commercial trucks seem to be around every corner in Texas, but for some residents, sharing the roadway with these massive pieces of machinery can prove anxiety-inducing and dangerous. While many drivers find it difficult to see or make their way around semi-trucks simply due to their size, some truckers are also taking unnecessary risks while at work that make them even more likely to cause crashes.

Locals call Route 285 in West Texas 'death highway' for truckers

"You've got to be very defensive. You've got to look as much in your rear-view window as your front windshield," says a partner at Permian Lodging, which builds and operates what are called "man camps" in the area. He says Route 285 in the Permian Basin might be the deadliest highway in the U.S.

Tractor-trailers among most dangerous vehicles in Texas

Have you noticed that the days when people enjoyed taking long, leisurely rides along Texas roadways and others throughout the nation have faded away? Perhaps your life is simply too busy to have time for joy rides or, like many people, you may avoid such activities because Texas highways have become extremely dangerous places. Long ago, a typical American landscape included young couples or families riding along the road with convertible tops down, enjoying their Sunday drives. 

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