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Overzealous Prosecution Of Campus Sex Crimes

The Texas justice system is not lenient with sex offenders. Nor should it be. Sexual assaults and related crimes are serious offenses, and their perpetrators ought to be held to account.

Yet, at times, police and other authorities are overzealous in their pursuit of sex offenders. This is particularly problematic on college campuses. Individuals accused of misbehavior are treated as criminals before the legal process has unfolded. In many cases, the accused will be disciplined – suspended or expelled from an institution, for example – before a formal investigation has even begun.

How We Help

Based in New Braunfels, and serving throughout the region, our team at Kyle Law Firm is uniquely positioned to help students charged with sex offenses. Our attorneys possess a thorough understanding of case law. They know what’s at stake and are determined in their efforts to assert our clients’ rights and interests.

It’s no secret: To be charged with a sex crime is a serious matter and requires a serious defense. Individuals face years of imprisonment – and the punishment hardly stops upon release. In many cases, those convicted are forced to register as sex offenders, which makes it difficult to find suitable housing and employment. Indeed, a sex crime conviction will often carry a lifetime of punishment.

Our lawyers can help. They offer discreet, confidential counsel and work hard to protect our clients’ reputations at every step of the case. They know how to investigate every aspect of a criminal charge, uncover any weaknesses and put our clients in the best position to obtain the best legal outcomes possible.

What Is A Sex Crime?

When it comes to sex offenses, it can be difficult to determine what activity actually constitutes a crime. There are issues concerning consent, intoxication and differing accounts of the facts. These cases are complex and, without adequate legal counsel, can quickly become harrowing for defendants and their families.

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