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Keeping Your Record Clean After A DWI

As part of a widespread effort to reform its criminal justice system, Texas passed legislation making it easier for individuals convicted of DWI to seal their criminal records. This represents a major step forward, and many will reap the benefits. Simply put, the legislation – known as the “second chances” law – will make it easier for individuals to find suitable housing and employment and reclaim control over their lives. Moreover, research indicates that this change will have a positive effect on the state’s entire economy.

Yet, obtaining an order of nondisclosure is far from easy. You must determine whether you are eligible and file a petition with the appropriate court. Many find that the process isn’t as straightforward as it may seem and require help from an attorney for their petition to be successful. Our lawyers at Kyle Law Firm are ready to assist. With offices in New Braunfels, we serve throughout the region, and our attorneys have more than 60 combined years of experience serving clients in all aspects of drunk driving matters.

The Importance Of Nondisclosure

The revised law is a means of making the justice system more just. A criminal record lasts forever. If employers and landlords can easily view it, one will have a difficult time pursuing a career or finding a home. Indeed, many feel the effects of a single DWI for their entire lives. Yet, studies have shown that people with a single DWI conviction on their records who have not reoffended for prolonged periods of time are highly unlikely to commit subsequent crimes. They ought to be able to put their mistakes behind them. Now, finally, they have the chance.

We’re Here To Help

To learn more about nondisclosure orders or to speak with an attorney, reach out to Kyle Law Firm. You can call us at 830-620-9402 or contact us online. Initial consultations are free and confidential.