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We Work To Preserve Your Driving Privileges

Regardless of a license suspension, you may still have vital responsibilities that require driving. These may be duties to your family, education, religion or work. Without the ability to drive, your loved ones, finances and future could suffer the impact.

At Kyle Law Firm, our lawyers can help you determine your options. They advocate for clients facing DUI charges and find ways to minimize the consequences of a license suspension. If you lost your driving privileges, they can work with you to apply for an occupational driver’s license (ODL).

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Why Might You Need An Occupational Driver’s License?

An ODL would allow you to drive for certain court-approved purposes such as:

  • Caring for a sick relative or aging parent
  • Keeping your job or finding employment
  • Grocery shopping for your family
  • Taking children to school, sports practices or their friends’ houses
  • Continuing your education

This special type of license can particularly benefit parents, college students and those who face financial hardship. We know how important transportation is for you to be able to support loved ones and continue your life. Our DUI defense lawyers will fight to protect your driving privileges when you need them most.

How Can You Apply For An ODL?

The application process begins with a court petition. Our knowledgeable attorneys can guide you through your petition, from gathering the right forms to reviewing your documents before submitting them to the court. At a hearing, a judge will review your petition and decide whether to issue a court order to allow you to drive according to your needs.

If you gain court approval, you can then apply for an ODL with the Texas Department of Public Safety. Depending on your case, you may face a waiting period before you can drive. However, our lawyers can work to make sure that your application is complete and accurate to give you the greatest chance of success possible.

Lawyers Who Will Fight To Protect Your License

A license suspension might not have to hold you back from your life. For a free consultation about your case, call our office at Kyle Law Firm or contact our legal team online.