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Sealing Your Criminal Record

The Texas legal system recognizes that no one is perfect. Namely, the system permits the expungement of criminal records in some cases. There is no need for you to suffer for your past mistakes, lapses in otherwise sound judgment or the actions of others. Simply put, expunction allows for your criminal record to be sealed and rendered inaccessible to potential employers, landlords, school boards and related parties.

But expunction without the help of an attorney leads to errors in court documents, which could have serious consequences. With this in mind, you can turn to our attorneys at Kyle Law Firm for help. They have more than 60 combined years of experience in criminal law, and they thoroughly understand the process of having our clients’ records sealed.

Who Qualifies For Expunction?

Having a criminal record can lead to missing out on job opportunities, and no one can afford that in the current economic climate. The right to expunction applies not only to criminal history records but also arrest and court records held by various government agencies.

Texas applies expunction to certain circumstances, including:

  • An arrest without charges
  • Charges that were brought but ultimately dismissed
  • Certain juvenile offenses, including some misdemeanors, some alcohol offenses committed as a minor and conviction for failure to attend school
  • The arrest and conviction of someone else under your name where you were the victim of identity theft
  • Convictions acquitted on appeal
  • Cases where a convicted person is later pardoned by the governor of Texas or the United States president

Successful petitions for the expungement of criminal records further depend on when the applicable statute of limitations expires (which depends on the crime but is usually three years or less), what arrests before or since the incident the petition relates to, and whether the petitioner is on probation.

Drunk driving offenses are conspicuously absent from eligibility for expunction. However, Texas has recently passed legislation enabling individuals convicted of DWI to have their criminal records sealed. Our lawyers can help determine if this is the right option for you.

Turn To Our Experienced Team For Help

The expungement of criminal records is a complex issue, with legal details and procedures best left to aggressive attorneys like those at Kyle Law Firm. To get started, call us at 830-620-9402 or contact us online. Initial consultations are always free.

Remember, if you do not qualify for expunction in Texas, one of our legal professionals will be able to explain your chances of getting a nondisclosure order that will stop members of the public from seeing your records.