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Advocacy, Guidance And Protection After A Hit-And-Run

After a hit-and-run incident, you probably feel overwhelmed and intimidated. The law is immensely complex, and it can often seem as if it is against you. The time has come to seek legal counsel from Kyle Law Firm of New Braunfels and San Marcos.

Our two personal injury attorneys are board-certified in personal injury as well as criminal defense. These are rare distinctions granted to fewer than 2% of Texas attorneys in these practice areas. They can advocate for your rights during all steps of a civil lawsuit or a criminal case.

What Happens If Someone Leaves The Scene Of An Accident?

Texas hit-and-run laws are very serious. The Texas Transportation Code states that all drivers must stop at the scene if they are involved in an accident that involves hitting or swiping an unattended vehicle, causing an injury, damaging a vehicle, or striking property or a structure. Under the Texas Criminal Code:

  • It is a state jail felony if you fail to stop at the scene of an accident that does not cause serious bodily injury or death.
  • It is a third-degree felony to fail to stop at the scene of an accident if the accident causes serious bodily injury to someone.
  • It is a second-degree felony to fail to stop at the scene if the accident causes a death.

A conviction can result in 180 days to 20 years in prison. In a state of panic, some drivers quickly try to leave the scene of a crash – especially if controlled substances, a suspended driver’s license or reckless driving played a part in their actions. However, this is never wise. Instead, they should contact a skilled criminal defense lawyer like one of ours.

Can I Still Recover Compensation If The Driver Left The Scene?

Let’s say that you do not have the identifying information or insurance information of the driver who caused the accident. If someone else struck you, your vehicle or your property and drove away, you may still have a chance to recover compensation. Our car accident lawyers can explore your rights under your uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) insurance policy. We have successfully helped many clients recover maximum compensation from their insurance providers, even in cases of hit-and-runs.

Speak With An Attorney Who Can Help You

Kyle Law Firm can represent you in a criminal or civil case involving a hit-and-run. We provide free initial case evaluations. Please call us at 830-620-9402 or send us an email today to schedule yours.