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Property Owners Are Responsible For Premises Safety

Premises liability is a legal claim that holds property owners responsible for any injuries that occur on their property. The most common type of lawsuit in these cases involves injuries caused by a slip-and-fall accident. Of course, this can happen anywhere, including:

  • In hotels
  • In stores
  • In parks
  • In concert halls
  • On sidewalks

The law maintains that an owner should take reasonable care of their property to ensure safety. Unfortunately, they are often negligent. They fail to staff proper security in buildings or at events. They let visitors onto their improperly maintained property, making them susceptible to slip-and-falls. They allow dogs or other animals off their leashes and make visitors vulnerable to attacks. Injuries ensue. We can help.

Our attorneys at Kyle Law Firm have earned substantial financial settlements on behalf of clients who have suffered injuries due to others’ negligence. We are based in New Braunfels and serve clients throughout Central Texas. Our team can assist you, too.

Types Of Premises Liabilities

Some accidents result in minor injuries while others can lead to death. An injury victim has the legal right to file a lawsuit when they experience a serious injury on someone else’s property due to a situation such as:

  • Poor maintenance
  • Employee error in operating a machine
  • Failure to adequately remove snow or ice from a sidewalk

Premises liability lawsuits often occur if the victim suffers serious harm and that injury impairs their ability to work or do activities that they did before the accident. Filing a lawsuit can be overwhelming and complex. You should consult with an attorney like ours at Kyle Law Firm. They have had many successes in personal injury cases.

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