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Supporting Victims Of Construction Site Falls

Construction and industrial sites have become safer workplaces over the last 20 years. But these sectors are still among the most dangerous in Texas’s economy. More than 200 workers die each year in fall-related accidents, and an additional 18,000 suffer nonfatal fall-related injuries. Victims and their families often don’t know where to turn for help.

We are here to assist at Kyle Law Firm. Our attorneys have earned reputations for their effectiveness and skill in injury matters. They work hard to obtain the restitution our clients need to recover. In every case, they collaborate with medical practitioners to develop a comprehensive picture of one’s injuries and pursue compensation for hospital bills, doctor fees, costs associated with ongoing care, lost wages, and pain and suffering, among other considerations.

Surprising Statistics Concerning Work Site Falls

Falls are common in the construction sector; workers understand that they figure as an inherent risk. Yet, some workers are at more risk than others. A report published by The Center for Construction Research and Training reveals some enlightening – and surprising – statistics concerning such accidents, including:

  • The majority of fall-related deaths – 55% – are incurred by workers at small firms (one to 10 employees)
  • Older construction workers and foreign-born construction workers are statistically the most likely to suffer a fall
  • Power line installers, ironworkers and roofers are the most likely to suffer a fall
  • Painters, truck drivers and foremen are more likely than the average construction worker to suffer a fall
  • The rate of nonfatal fall injuries in construction is higher than that of all other industries combined
  • The primary cause of death is falling from a roof; the primary cause of nonfatal injuries is same-level falling
  • Inadequate lighting and signage are to blame for a significant number of injuries, both fatal and nonfatal

Government and private industry regulators alike have launched education campaigns to promote worker safety. But it’s clear that, so long as the nature of construction involves scaling great heights, workers will remain at risk.

We’re Here When You Need Help

If you or a family member has been the victim of a fall, reach out to us for help. Our attorneys can help you obtain adequate medical care and explore your options for pursuing compensation.

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