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When Construction Materials Ignite

If you or a loved one has been injured in an explosion, contact Kyle Law Firm to learn about your rights and the compensation you deserve. Explosions frequently result in fires, property damage, burns and brain damage. If you are an explosion victim, have our skilled New Braunfels explosion injury lawyers help you fight for compensation and justice. Book a free evaluation to discuss your claim.

Explosions Due To Negligence

Often, an explosion is the result of negligence. Negligence occurs when the defendant has a duty, breaches that duty and thereby causes harm to another. Parties in charge of maintaining potentially explosive materials have a duty to protect all foreseeable plaintiffs. When they breach that duty, the responsibility for the accident falls on them. Many explosion and burn victims, however, worry that they cannot prove that negligence was at fault. At Kyle Law Firm, our lawyers are dedicated to aggressively asserting your rights and making sure that you receive full compensation for any acts of negligence.

Explosions In “Ultrahazardous” Activities

“Ultrahazardous” activities include the transportation, storage or use of:

Even if no negligence was involved, individuals and companies engaged in such activities can still be sued for personal injury. If you’ve been harmed in conjunction with an ultrahazardous activity, then you may be entitled to compensation.

Turn To Our New Braunfels Explosion Injury Attorneys

Explosions can cause a variety of physical and neurological injuries, such as brain trauma, burns, broken bones and bruises. Victims of explosions may be able to recover their medical expenses and lost wages as well as damages for pain and suffering. If a family member has died from an explosion, you may have the standing to sue for their wrongful death.

If you have been injured in an explosion, call Kyle Law Firm today to set up a consultation with one of our attorneys. They are committed to helping you pursue your rights with the speed and aggression you need to receive the compensation you deserve. Give us a call at 830-620-9402 to see how we can help. You can also contact us online.