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Common Questions About Insurance And Accident Claims

Auto insurance and accident claims are complex topics that may be confusing to Texas drivers of any age. Kyle Law Firm consists of experienced attorneys who can answer your questions. We can help you communicate with insurance companies in a way that works to your advantage. In the meantime, please see answers to some frequently asked questions about insurance and accident claims.

After an accident, what should I say to the insurance companies?

You must report the collision to your insurance provider. It is helpful to cooperate with your insurance company, but do not assume that it is on your side. As a company that is driven to win profits, its interests do not align with yours. It may use anything you say to limit your claim.

If the other party’s insurance provider contacts you, you should refuse to give a statement before contacting your lawyer. Our attorneys can help you prepare so that you avoid admitting fault unnecessarily.

Will the accident affect my insurance policy or my rate?

Depending on the circumstances, your insurance company may raise your rate – or end your policy. Texas has specific rules regarding when and why insurance companies can cancel policies. Our team is ready to advocate for you if your insurance provider wrongfully cancels or changes your policy.

One accident on an otherwise clean driving record is not likely to affect your rate. Multiple infractions or accidents may label you as a high-risk driver, however, which might influence the cost of your insurance.

How do I find out how much insurance the other party has?

Some Texas drivers do not carry enough insurance to cover the full extent of damages. However, you cannot know their coverage until you file a lawsuit. Our talented trial lawyers can help you pursue a claim for full compensation.

How much insurance do I need?

Texas drivers must carry a policy that covers at least $30,000 per injured individual (up to $60,000 per accident) plus at least $25,000 for property damages. However, purchasing a policy that offers additional coverage may be wise. The costs of an accident can easily exceed these amounts.

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