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Dangerous And Defective Vehicles Can Seriously Harm Drivers

You trusted that your vehicle and its safety features would function properly as long as you performed standard maintenance. Now that you realize how dangerous your vehicle is, it may be too late. If you suffered an injury due to a defect, one of your only constructive options for recovery may be to sue the company responsible.

At Kyle Law Firm, our attorneys have experience helping Texas clients hold manufacturers accountable for defective seat belts, air bags, brakes and other essential parts. Call 830-620-9402 for a free consultation with our lawyers about your defective vehicle and the next steps that you could pursue. Based in New Braunfels, we serve clients throughout the region.

Preserving Evidence Is The Key To Your Case

Without proof that a defect directly led to an accident or injury, Texas courts may dismiss the case. It can be difficult to prove that the vehicle or its part was faulty and that the defect caused your injuries.

Examples of evidence that may highlight vehicle defects and the manufacturer’s liability may include:

  • The vehicle itself, including parts that are defective
  • Photos of physical defects, such as cracks or incorrect assembly
  • Expert testimony from mechanics or industry professionals
  • Records of maintenance or repairs on the vehicle

Our experienced lawyers are thorough in their search for evidence in vehicle defects in injury cases. They can identify, record and present the evidence to help you seek compensation from the manufacturer.

We Will Stand By Your Side

Get a board-certified personal injury trial attorney to represent you. Our lawyers can face the insurance companies and hold the manufacturer liable for defective vehicle parts and products.

Contact us online or call our office for a free case review. Our skilled lawyers have won substantial financial settlements for our clients, and they will help you pursue the maximum value for your case.