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Can brain injuries lead to more serious problems?

On Behalf of | May 10, 2021 | Brain Injuries

Brain injuries are the common result of many Texas auto accidents, especially in rollover situations when any passenger could suffer a traumatic impact to the cranial area. Even in head-on collisions that often result in whiplash, the forehead can be severely damaged in a direct hit, and it does not take serious impact for an internal brain injury to occur.

Serious brain injuries can assuredly be obvious, but those creating mild concussions can produce still problems that will worsen. The issue for these accident victims is that they only have one opportunity for financial compensation stemming from the brain injuries when the case is assessed in court.

Future development of brain impairment

Even seemingly recoverable head injuries can result in other mental or physical problems down the road for many victims. The brain is the most complex region of the body, and even small injuries can result in big medical issues. Cognitive thinking abilities, as well as some physical abilities, can be affected, including early development of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s Disease. In addition, the central nervous system takes all involuntary commands from the receptors in the brain, which can in turn impair the ability to function normally through the central nervous system.

Receiving equitable compensation can be a challenge

When accident injuries are in the claim negotiation process, insurance companies always want to focus on the injury development up until the time of settlement. They never introduce the concept of general damages for long-term impact without interaction from an experienced personal injury lawyer who has represented claims for brain injuries in the past.